Hackers attack Libya's civil registry database

Hackers attack Libya's civil registry database

March 13, 2016 - 11:54
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Written by: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Hackers attacked on Thursday the website of the Civil Registry Authority forcing the engineers to bring down the entire database, chairman of the authority Ibrahim Al-Fallag has reported.

Al-Fallag said the hackers managed to access the external structure of the database only but failed to log into it and control it.

"Our database is well protected," he confirms.

The attack has caused disruption in the authority's daily services to the people.

Meanwhile, pro-Dignity Operation media outlets claimed that the database of the Civil Registry Authority has been taken by "extremist groups," quoting the dismissed chairman of the authority Mohammed Boker, who claimed that extremist groups and armed militias had stormed the Civil Registry Authority in a bid to seize the database.

"No armed groups attacked the Civil Registry Authority, it was only a failed cyber attack by hackers," an engineer works for the authority has confirmed to the Libya Observer.

Mohammed Boker, who is now staying in Tunisia, was dismissed in January by the Salvation Government over corruption and forgery cases, and establishing secret contacts with the eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thanni. The Facebook page of the authority, where his claims were posted, is still under his control.

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