Libya Eastern Army Forces, A.K.A. Tomb Diggers

Libya Eastern Army Forces, A.K.A. Tomb Diggers

March 21, 2017 - 14:02
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By: Abdelkader Assad, freelance journalist 

Like we see in the movies, heartless and senseless far-fetched imaginary creatures can easily dig up a tomb to take out a body and burn it or eat or even parade it to the mob of monsters or villains waiting outside. But that, we always see in Hollywood and we all fathom that it is not a reality because it is a cinematic trick.  

However, modeled on seeing too many movies than one should, the self-proclaimed Khalifa Haftar-led Libyan army in eastern Libya did what the human mind has for long thought was a stunt in a movie just two days ago.  

Several Dignity Operation leaders and fighters entered a long-time besiged area (Ganfouda) in western Benghazi and immediately felt that they were the villains who entered the land of the good hero, thus they started applying the evil script word for word. 

First, they exhumed tombs and dug out their opponents bodies for several aims, such as killing them "more" than they are killed, in an aim that even goes awry when levelled on the English grammar scale.  

The second move the villains did in the conquered good land is parading a dead body they dug up from Ganfouda for an opponent leader called Jalal Al-Makhzoum. They took selfies with him, put him on a car as if they are shamewalking him, but the villains and monsters that they are, they forgot that he is dead and their moves are of no shame to him as he died five days earlier.  



And like a good director in Hollywood, the leader of those evil-carriers must have given them further orders to continue their mischievous behavior, and they like perfect villain-role actors, rogered the orders with even much happiness than their leader could have cherished.  

The villains then went to a whole new level of inhumanity, they killed as many as 20 captured men from their rival groups of Benghazi Shura Council in cold blood as they were evacuating the civilian families from the besieged area of Ganfouda. 

After that, they found a golden chance to prove their skills to their director (leader of the eastern army Khalifa Haftar) and thus they wasted no time and split in evil-doing groups. 

One group was video-taped killing captives in cold blood while another group of the villains did the most inhuman action to prove itself as the owner of the show and hence killed a whole family including three women in cold blood after they captured them on their way out of the siege from Ganfouda.  

The three women, a mother and two sisters were killed along with other family members in retaliation of what? We don't know, but what we know is that we all have seen the pictures, footage and videos that showed the atrocities made by the villains who have been for long calling themselves the Libyan National Army. 

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer