50,000 dinars and foreign exchange fees

50,000 dinars and foreign exchange fees

November 27, 2021 - 23:16
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By Hanan Shallouf, a member of House of Representatives

The Tobruk House of Representatives (HoR), has prepared in the last days, proposals for some laws that it says are in the interest of the citizen, that it did not think about for nearly seven years. Unfortunately, these proposals come within the framework of political opposition to the decisions issued by the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government after they failed to implement the withdrawal of confidence from him that they approved.  

Among these proposals is a proposed law for the disbursement of foreign exchange revenues, and according to their proposal, 50% to repay the public debt and 50% to the citizens, and they will determine how it will be spent on the citizen by law.  
It seems that HoR does not live in reality. Will it put a law to spend 53 billion from previous years, half of it for the public debt and half for the citizens? Is it sure that it was not spent, or will it put a law on revenues that will come in the coming years that have been stopped by adjusting the foreign exchange rate!!!!

Does HoR know that by adjusting the exchange rate there are no longer fees on foreign exchange?!!! 
Do they know that there is a law that there is no public debt without a law, and that neither Al-Thanna nor Al-Siraj has issued any law for a public debt, and that any spending from Al-Kabir or Al-Hebri that they arranged debts in which they take responsibility for it and it is not considered a public debt, but rather it is corruption for which everyone who participated in it is held accountable, whether by not being held accountable or not taking measures.

The second proposal, which is the 50,000 dinars for each family record booklet, despite the joy that overwhelms the simple people for such a decision, but it is clear how unrealistic they are, the implementation of this proposal is not less than 50 to 60 billion, without talking about the forged family bocklets and the booklets that will obtain the Libyan citizenship. Does the Central Bank of Libya have what covers this in addition to salaries and various projects?!!! The most important question in the context of the opposition to Dbeibah they forgot that what Dbeibah did in marriage grant was a disciplined matter (the category of married people from August to December) and with a specific budget (one billion). And as soon as the number reached 50,000 young people, which is equivalent to the one billion that he monitored, the system closed and he approved another billion, they may repeat the work and may stop, but the work is disciplined and comes within the framework of his vision of the government as a government of peace, and in the framework of this, to keep young people away from the war, marry them (not necessarily that this be achieved target but he moves with a vision).

As for the contradictory proposal of the MPs, it comes with no vision and no goal other than an attempt to reduce Dbeibah by placing Al-Kabir in an embarrassing position to spend, and on the other hand we see lack of discipline and lack of objectivity, as the HoR’s proposal lacks justice and equality, as a family booklet consisting of 10 persons will take the same value as a family booklet consisting of 3 persons, and a Libyan family booklet will take the same value as a newly naturalized family booklet.


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