Williams says will facilitate consensus between Libyan HoR and HCS

Williams says will facilitate consensus between Libyan HoR and HCS

March 22, 2022 - 21:53
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams, said she was ready to facilitate consensus between the House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State (HCS), saying the HCS counterparts from the HoR are expected to join soon in the consultations in Tunisia, so as to be able to formally launch the work of the joint committee to determine the constitutional basis.

In her opening remarks in Tunisia on Tuesday, Williams said she was supportive of the HoR and HCS’s consensus, to a certain degree, that led to the issuance of Constitutional Amendment 12, and noted that this consensus inspired her invitation to HCS and the HoR to unite the chambers in this effort to determine the constitutional basis for national elections.

“With the electoral experience of December 2021 as a stark reminder of the importance of holding elections on a solid constitutional and legal basis, you have a new opportunity to build on the work already done, and to seriously devote yourselves to reaching consensus on a constitutional framework  thatwould enable the holding of inclusive, free, fair and transparent national elections.” Williams explained.

She said that in all her engagements, she had attempted to lift the voices of the registered voters, and had consistently called on all political stakeholders to respect and realize the political rights of the Libyan people to choose their leaders through the ballot box.

UNSMIL said on Monday that the Advisor was waiting for the names of members of the HoR in the joint committee to join Tunisia meetings with HCS members, yet up until Tuesday evening, the HoR didn't send any list of participants.