Williams: Candidates signed affidavits on commitment to holding elections

Williams: Candidates signed affidavits on commitment to holding elections

February 03, 2021 - 21:14
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN acting envoy Stephanie Williams said the candidates for the unified executive authority in Libya had signed affidavits on commitment to the roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), including holding elections by December 24, and accepting the results of the voting.

Williams also said on Wednesday that the LPDF members started discussing the lists of candidates to be put forth as incumbents of the new executive authority.

Meanwhile, candidates for the Prime Minister's post of the interim executive authority have their answers to a number of questions on Wednesday in Geneva, as Williams said afterward that the session was a very active one and the answers of the candidates were very positive.

She also said that LPDF members had set a very positive example as they dealt transparently with the situation, adding that anyone elected for the new executive authority must resign form their current positions.

Williams indicated that the Presidential Council’s candidates were told to accept the upcoming results of the list method voting, in addition to obliging them to the 30% of women representation in state sovereign positions.

A source close to the LPDF members said discussions were underway for making up the lists of Presidential Council’s candidates to be elected for the new three-member body, adding that the deadline for putting forth the lists will be 10.00 pm Libya time on Thursday.