Violent clashes erupt in Tripoli leaving several casualties

Violent clashes erupt in Tripoli leaving several casualties

March 14, 2017 - 18:37
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Since early Tuesday, clashes have erupted in west Tripoli areas of Gurji, Hay Al-Andalus, Dreibi, Hay Al-Islami, Gergaresh, and Ghout Shaal.

The clashes broke out between the residents of the areas backed up with forces of Tripoli security departments and Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade on one hand, and Misrata and Western Mountain brigades positioned in those areas.

According to eyewitnesses, the forces of Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade and Tripoli security department stormed into Hay Al-Andalus and Gurji on Tuesday dawn and then clashes took place in a bid to push the armed groups out, leaving casualties from both sides and considerable material damage in the areas.

No official details were given about the number of deaths and injuries or whether or not there had been any civilian casualties.

Tripoli security department vowed Tuesday to cleanse the central Hay Al-Andalus area from the groups which are hindering the work of police and other security departments in the area.

The statement of the security department came after another in which it explained that Gurji is suffering from security vacuum since last Wednesday, saying it had placed a security plan (No.25) to secure Gurji, Riyadiya, and Hay Al-Andalus in coordination with central security and general investigation departments.

Schools in the areas of clashes were shut down, calling on parents to remain at homes and warn their children to stay away from going outside or coming to schools.

Until now, the security situation in the areas of the clashes is very dangerously tense as clashes have taken a break.