UNSMIL expresses concern over human rights violations in Tripoli and Sirte

UNSMIL expresses concern over human rights violations in Tripoli and Sirte

August 29, 2020 - 14:24
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The UN Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said Saturday it had registered an increase in reports of human rights violations, including arbitrary arrests and detention, restrictions placed on freedom of movement and expression, as well as on the right of peaceful assembly and protest.

UNSMIL said it’s concerned about the excessive use of force against demonstrators as well as the arbitrary arrest of a number of civilians in Tripoli.

In Sirte, UNSMIL expressed concern about reports of ongoing human rights violations and abuses.

In a statement on Saturday, the UN mission referred to extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations committed by the authorities of Sirte, which was seized by Haftar's militias last January.

It pointed out to the "killing of a civilian", referring to a young man from the Qadadfa tribe who was allegedly run over by an armored vehicle during a demonstration in Sirte, according to local sources.

The population in Sirte is also facing other abuses such as arbitrary arrests and illegal forced entry into private properties, according to the UNSMIL.

The UNSMIL's report is not the first of its kind, upon the falling of the city in the hands of Haftar; other Human rights organizations said that they had received complaints from citizens, regarding kidnappings and the practice of arrest without a warrant and arbitrary detention without charges and judicial process.

Homes were raided without search warrants, as well as intimidation of civilians and attacks on public freedoms were also confirmed by the Libyan Crimes Watch (LCW).

Last April, a group of Haftar's outlaw forces kidnapped four staff members of Ibn Sina Hospital, including two doctors, a pediatrician, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse, at a time the country is fighting another battle against Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the Government of National Accord (GNA) has vowed to take action against these crimes and called on the UNSMIL and international community to document these violations, saying such acts would hinder the political process, undermine the ceasefire and the democratic transition in Libya.