Tunisian national behind Zliten bombing, foreign ministry says

Tunisian national behind Zliten bombing, foreign ministry says

January 11, 2016 - 09:33
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Initial investigations have shown that a Tunisian bomber was behind the suicide attack on the police training camp in Zliten, Foreign Minister of Salvation Government said on Sunday.

In a press conference in Tripoli, Ali Abu Zakouk confirmed that some IS-related suspects were arrested in connection with the bombing, calling for cooperation between the Libyan and Tunisian authorities to improve security measures and eliminate terrorism.

"We denounce the silence of the Tunisian government toward the bombing, and its failure to offer condolences, especially that the perpetrator was Tunisian." He said.

Abu Zakouk confirmed that Libya would not close its borders with Tunisia because of the involvement of a Tunisian citizen in Zliten bombing.

"We don't like to do what the Tunisian government did more than once before. We do not punish the innocents because of individual acts." He added.

Concerning Fayaz Sirraj's visit to Zliten via Misrata airport, Abu Zakouk stated that his government would send a note of protest to the Security Council over to the illegal entrance of Sirraj into Libya, regardless of his position.

He clarified that Sirraj plane took off from Tunisia and as soon as entering the Libyan air space the pilot reported a technical fault and asked to land at Misrata Airport.

"We realized then there were preparations to receive the so-called Skhirat government without approval of government authorities," he indicated, adding that such acts violate state laws and are regarded as illegal.