Presidential Council vows to resolve Libya's south problems

Presidential Council vows to resolve Libya's south problems

January 08, 2019 - 21:03
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Spokesperson of Presidential Council chairman, Mohammed Sallak

The Presidential Council has started resolving problems in Libya's south, starting with sending duel tank trucks to Ubrai and Ghat, the PC Head's spokesman Mohammed El Sallak said in a presser on Tuesday.

El Sallak added that fuel tank trucks will be sent to all southern districts gradually, saying the PC has also instructed for similar measures regarding cash, medicines and cooking gas.

He also indicated that the PC is working on resolving security issues by making sure the security arrangements are implemented as planned.

El Sallak remarked that regarding the current power status, the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said generation of power hit 6000 megawatts as Al-Rewais plant joined the network, adding that the usage is 7500 megawatts and thus the GECOL is now working on ending the deficit that causes outage hours.

"GECOL will operate Ubari plant after the Libyan engineers who were trained in Germany and Turkey arrive in the plant to make the final touches as foreign crewmen still cannot return to the project for security reasons. The plant will operate this month and add 600 megawatts to the network." El Sallak explained.

He added that regarding the free movement of journalists, Al-Sirraj full respects journalists' work and reiterates their right to cover and report news and events in the country, adding that he considers any violations against them an individual act that shall be punished.

"We have taken the needed measures to make sure such assaults on media and journalists are not repeated." El Sallak indicated.