Presidential Council: Haftar expanded offensive to include all of Libya

Presidential Council: Haftar expanded offensive to include all of Libya

March 28, 2020 - 20:37
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj said Saturday that Khalifa Haftar's forces had expanded the ground of their offensive to include all of Libya, adding the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord is doing its legitimate right to defend itself and the country.

The Presidential Council said in a statement, responding to Khalifa Haftar's attacks on Friday on Abu Grein in eastern Misrata, that such attacks point to the expansion of war to be across the whole country, adding that they will respond to them using all their capabilities.

"Our forces are defending themselves as per the legitimacy they have. They are still fighting in Abu Grein after they have managed repel Haftar's forces offensive and forced them to retreat." The statement reads.

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said Friday their forces had repelled Haftar forces' attack on western Sirte frontlines as the latter tried to advance with the help of mercenaries and foreign aircraft.

"We have seized military vehicles and destroyed others as we repelled Haftar's attacks, which cost them over 100 killed fighters including prominent Tebu tribal leader Ali Sida, who is in charge of recruiting mercenaries from Chad and Sudan for Haftar." Gununu remarked.