PC urges for solutions between Awqaf Authority and Libyan Archive Center

PC urges for solutions between Awqaf Authority and Libyan Archive Center

January 09, 2021 - 21:33
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Presidential Council (PC) has urged for resolving the issues between the Libyan Center for Historical Archive and Studies and Awqaf Authority as the Secretary of PC's Head, Yousef Al-Mabrouk called for a mechanism from the Ministry of Finance to allow the center to pay its debts for renting an Awqaf Authority's property.

Al-Mabrouk also called on the Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Authority to abstain from taking any measures until the Ministry of Finance puts forth a mechanism for payment of the center and other institutions in return for the rental of its properties and those owned by the state.

The Head of the center, Mohammad Al-Jarrari, said a couple of days ago that they had been notified on January 04 by Awqaf to evict the building for the delay of rent payments, giving them three days that ended last Thursday.

Al-Jarrari urged last week the Presidential Council and relevant authorities to intervene to save a very important time and history legacies of all Libyans - archived documents and other materials that are valuable to all Libyan generations. This led to the decision announced Saturday by the PC.

The Libyan UNESCO ambassador, media, legal and cultural organizations have all urged for preserving the center and its materials, saying the evacuation of the building should be delayed so the valuable materials remain unharmed.

Some organizations called the Awqaf Authority's move as "dubious", accusing it of working for a foreign agenda; referring to the Awqaf leadership's links to Saudi Salafist-Madkhalis.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Interior Ministry assigned a force to protect the building of the center until the financial issue is resolved with the Awqaf Authority.