Parliament Speaker: PC head involved in the HoR attack

Parliament Speaker: PC head involved in the HoR attack

July 06, 2022 - 13:07
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh has accused Muhamed Menfi, the Presidential Council's Head, of having a role in the attack on the Parliament's HQ in Tobruk last Friday.

Aqila told the local TV Channel Libya Al-Mustaqbal that Menfi played a role in one way or another through his brother Sami, and the "truth will emerge" once completing the investigations.

Saleh's statements come in light of increasing speculation that the Presidential Council may issue a decree to dissolve the House of Representatives and the High Council of State and form a Cabinet to prepare for the elections.

Aqila argued that it is not for the PC to issue decrees with the force of law, but within the purview of an elected head of state, through the constitution, insisting that only the constitution and law grant the head of state the right to do so."

"This is what they call the encounter of weapons.. as the executive authority has the right to dissolve the parliament, the legislature also has the right to dissolve the government."

The HoR speaker warned that such unilateral measures could lead to more opposition and discord without having a legal or constitutional basis.

He called on the Presidential Council to reject and declare its disapproval of such actions and to abide by its respective competence, hinting that the Parliament did not address the PC despite the expiry of its mandate under the Geneva Agreement so as not to leave matters untreated, as he put it.

On Tuesday, the PC announced that it had assigned parliament member Abdullah Al-Lafi to conduct urgent consultations with the political parties against the backdrop of the political impasse.

The PC disclosed in a brief statement plans to launch a new road map with clear tracks to end the transitional stages through presidential and parliamentary elections within a specific time frame and to push toward a national consensus that enhances confidence among all parties.