Municipalities go over draft amendments with Leon

Municipalities go over draft amendments with Leon

July 11, 2015 - 11:44
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Written By: Abed

The Municipalities participating in the political dialogue in Skhirat, Morocco have issued a statement Friday stressing the fact that Libya’s crisis can only be resolved by dialogue.

The statement reaffirmed that the Municipalities had met with the Head of the UNSMIL, Bernardino Leon, where they singled out some points for him out of the amended fourth draft. Then they pointed out to him that the revolutionaries were the corner stone in toppling down Gaddafi’s reign, so they must be part of the political agreement by rehabilitating them and getting them involved in the civilian and military governmental institutions.

It also underscored the importance of calling off all of the legislations, statements, and agreements made prior to the return of the MPs to the parliament, which would be a good gesture as Libyans head for an agreement.

“Any political agreement resultant from the negotiations must adhere to the country’s greater good and unity as well as respect for the law, leaving all conflicts and violations aside.” Concluded the statement.