Misrata Municipality calls for amendments to UNSMIL draft

Misrata Municipality calls for amendments to UNSMIL draft

July 09, 2015 - 13:30
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Written By: Abed

Misrata Municipality has called for amendments to the UNSMIL draft agreement to strike balance among all parties.

In a letter to the UNSMIL on July 06, the municipality asked the UNSMIL to amend article 10 of the draft to commit the national unity government to form a committee that can prepare for a decree with Commander-in-Chief powers. It also asked for amending article 16 to put the decrees, agreements and legislations passed by the HoR for discussion and cancelation of useless ones.

The Municipality has also asked for modifying article 18 to commit the legislative authority to the dissolution of armed groups and involving their fighters in the governmental military and civilian institutions according to world standards, while amending as well the article 23 to make the trials of murders, torture and other crimes under the specialty of Libyan judiciary.  

It also asked for amendment on paragraph 5 in article 1 about the national unity government, saying that the withdrawal of confidence from the government by the HoR must be conditioned with majority consensus from the Supreme State Council (SSC). Hence, adding that working by paragraph 3 from article 9 should be at concord with the essence of paragraph 2 from article 19.

“There should be a legal committee, combined of members from of HoR and SSC, and the Supreme Judiciary Council, that has authorities to assess the resolutions made by the HoR and the GNC in the power-conflict period.” Added the Municipality, indicating that the committee assigned for observing the work of security apparatuses must report only to the national unity government.

Concluding, the Municipality said that article 67 should include obligation for the HoR and the GNC to amend the constitutional declaration in accordance with the ongoing political agreement, while modifying article 68 to commit all parties to world legitimacy principles and the international law and to be in line with article 11 of the governing principles.