List of GNC amendments to the UNSMIL draft

List of GNC amendments to the UNSMIL draft

September 06, 2015 - 11:15
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The GNC delegation to Geneva dialogue said the last dialogue round was constructive and half of the nine GNC proposals were agreed upon.

The head of the delegation Awad Abdul-Sadiq said he was optimistic about the outcome of the talks, saying at a press conference Saturday that new constructive ideas and formulas were presented in Geneva to ensure that the GNC amendments to the UNSMIL draft can be included in the final provisions of the draft.

Yet, he added that some of the nine amendments requested by the GNC need more meetings with the UNSMIL to finalize them.

For his part, the head of UNSMIL Bernardino Leon said most of GNC amendments can be addressed in the annexes, but some of them can also be included in the final provisions.

Here are the nine GNC's proposed amendments, presented to Leon in Geneva on August 12:

First, all of the institution mentioned in this draft agreement must take legitimacy from the draft only and must be in line with the constitutional amendment, stressing that no more constitutional amendments to be added unless approved by the State Council and the HoR.

Second, the Chief Commander of the Army (the Prime Ministry as per the draft) should reappoint new military and security leaderships simultaneously with the forming of the national unity government.

Third, the draft must clearly include the mechanisms of appointing the head of the national unity government and his deputies.

Fourth, it must be stated clearly that the members of the State Council would be composed of the members of General National Congress who have true membership on the draft-signing date through a verified GNC list of members.

Fifth, the draft should state that the appointing and dismissal of the occupants of sovereign positions can only be approved by the HoR and the State Council’s consent via a majority vote to be included and clarified in this draft.

Sixth, the giving and withdrawal of confidence to the national unity government must be approved by both the State Council and the HoR via a majority vote to be included and clarified in this draft, and if any minister was dismissed by the Prime Minister or his deputies, then they must be dismissed in the same way, too.

Seventh, there must be a clear dismissal of the military coup plotters, who clearly rebelled on the political process represented in the constitutional declaration.

Eighth, all what the political agreement would include of commitments to the international legitimacy principles, the international laws of human rights, the international humanitarian law, the resolutions made by the International Criminal Court, and those made by the UN Security Council mustn’t contradict the current Libyan legislations.

Ninth, the final signing of this political draft agreement will occur after voting and endorsement by the GNC.