Libya's Defense Ministry warns of repercussions of toppling current political entities

Libya's Defense Ministry warns of repercussions of toppling current political entities

August 08, 2020 - 20:17
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Defense Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has condemned the use of people's dire needs to having proper electricity, fuel, cash at the banks and water supplies, by some parties to settle personal scores and make gains, urging for treating calls for partition with force as they aim to "topple the Presidential Council".

The Defense Ministry warned in a statement of the attempts to oust current political entities without elections as it could plunge Libya into pandemonium, urging the Presidential Council to take the calls for division seriously and find solutions to the rightful needs of people.

It also called for unity and team work among all state institutions to provide for the people and end their suffering, which also includes a sweeping pandemic of Coronavirus.

"We're ready to defend the country as per the general mobilization order of April 04, 2019 and the state of emergence announced across Libya." The Ministry added.

Unidentified entities have been calling over the last days for demonstrations in western region cities to topple down the Presidential Council over accusations against some GNA officials of corruption.

Some social media users rejected the calls for demonstrations saying the ones who made them aim to implement pro-Haftar agendas to oust the GNA by soft power after losing militarily, yet Presidential Council member Ahmed Mitig sided with the calls for demonstrations and urged the Interior Ministry to protect the people.

Mitig called in a letter to the Military Prosecutor to investigate military officials who rejected the calls for demonstrations and the ousting of Presidential Council, accusing them of interfering in political affairs and trying to carry out a coup.

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