Libyan Scholars Association urges for sacking Head of Awqaf Authority

Libyan Scholars Association urges for sacking Head of Awqaf Authority

June 03, 2019 - 15:35
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Scholars Association (LSA) has called for dismissing the Head of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Authority Ahmeda Al-Abani from his post for his negative influence on battles and abandoning providing support for fighters through the official religious establishment.

The LSA added in a final statement after a meeting on Monday that the Presidential Council's government should form a mini government made up from national figures that can level up to the sacrifices made by the defenders of Tripoli.

"There must be a fatwa for fighting under the command of Government of National Accord to foil the offensive on Tripoli, which is a religious duty to be performed logically, via media, ideologically, or via dawah. All Islamic world and Arab Maghreb scholars should help Libyans thwart the aggression." LSA indicated.

LSA lamented the negative international community response and the negative role of the UNSMIL toward Tripoli offensive, denouncing the roles of the countries supporting "Khalifa Haftar's coup militias" such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt.

The scholars called on the Presidential Council to exert more efforts to end the attack on Tripoli and the rest of the country, asking it to protect civilians and their properties.

The LSA called also for cancelling the measures taken by the education minister regarding religious education sector, urging the foreign minister and chief of staff to do their diplomatic and military work in line with the crisis.