Libyan National Forces Alliance proposes ceasefire, political dialogue initiative

Libyan National Forces Alliance proposes ceasefire, political dialogue initiative

June 25, 2019 - 20:56
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan National Forces Alliance (NFA), along with several Libyan stakeholders, has proposed an initiative that aims at ending the fighting in Tripoli and calls for returning to the political process.

Chairman of the NFA, Mahmoud Jibril, said in a statement Tuesday that the initiative aims at limiting the perils caused by the continuous fighting in the country, especially in Tripoli, saying any ceasefire must be accompanied by an all-party political process.

"The first stage of the initiative is to urge Khalifa Haftar's forces to create a safe zone that allows humanitarian corridors to deliver assistance to the trapped people in fighting areas. This zone could remain active for a month or more, during which the initiative will aim at calling for forming a joint force from the Presidential Council's government forces and Haftar's ones of 10.000 fighters." Jibril said.

He added that the joint force, if agreed on, will be under an independent civilian authority in coordination with US Africa Command's (AFRICOM) forces and the European Union to fight terrorism and illegal migration.

The initiative also would urge for prisoners exchange and an end for media provocative campaigns, let alone making neutral the financial and monetary institutions in Libya by forming a committee in cooperation with the international community to monitor government expenditure, investments of Libya and Libyan assets.

"The second stage calls for holding conferences to consolidate the ceasefire and pave the way for a political solution. House of Representatives, High Council of State, and other political parties and entities should attend the first conference to devise a roadmap that tackles the constitution's draft and elections' vision." Jibril explained.

"The second conference will be social and economic to discuss the wealth distribution in Libya and the national reconciliation efforts." He added.

He also indicated that the third conference will be focusing on building the Libyan national army and security institutions and merging the armed factions in the regular armed forces.

"The initiative's results must be included in a document to be discussed at the Libyan National Conference under the UN auspices. The influential countries should support the results of the UN-backed conference, if convened." The initiative says.

NFA party and his chief were bitterly criticized for not condemning the attack on Tripoli by Haftar's forces, given their documented backup for Haftar in his operations in Benghazi, Ajdabiya and Derna.

NFA has also seen many resignations due to the stance of the party toward the war on Tripoli.