Libya situation on Security Council's January agenda

Libya situation on Security Council's January agenda

January 03, 2022 - 19:27
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Security Council will hold a briefing and consultations on the situation in Libya in January, according to Security Council Report website.

The chair of the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee, Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti (India), is scheduled to brief on the activities of the sanctions committee.

Security Council members are also expected to vote on a resolution renewing UNSMIL’s mandate, following two technical rollovers of the mandate in September that extended it for two weeks until 30 September 2021, and subsequently until 31 January.

The website added that in December 2021, the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee and subsequently the Council received the interim report of its Panel of Experts, saying it is not a public document, but excerpts leaked to media outlets indicate that the panel found that although violations of the arms embargo on Libya decreased compared to the previous year, the embargo remained ineffective and existing stockpiles of weapons and ammunition in the country are sufficient to fuel future conflict. The experts also concluded that the continued presence of foreign fighters remained a serious threat.

Security Council Report said that it appears that the Secretary-General intended to appoint Stephanie Williams, the former Deputy Special Representative in Libya, as interim head of UNSMIL, but Russia opposed the move, adding that the Secretary-General instead named Williams his Special Advisor for Libya. She engaged political stakeholders to reach agreement on a new date for parliamentary and presidential elections, and to discuss the legitimacy of the current transitional political leadership, whose mandates expire on 24 December 2021.