Kubis reiterates need for constitutional basis for Libya December elections

Kubis reiterates need for constitutional basis for Libya December elections

March 27, 2021 - 22:53
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, said it was imperative to have a constitutional basis for elections by July this year, saying the legal work committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) and its focus on the constitutional basis could be conclusive.

These remarks came in a Zoom meeting Friday between Kubis and LPDF members, as the former urged for speeding up work to block all efforts working on hindering the holding of elections on time next December, thanking the LPDF members for their work so far.

"You have achieved something that no one expected, not only some months but maybe even weeks ago. You achieved a way towards the unification of the country, towards the sovereignty of the country you managed to get one government for the whole country." Kubis said, hailing the LPDF members' work.

He also urged assessment of the past period in Libya so the LPDF roadmap can move forward with the support and commitment of the international community.

Kubis added that national reconciliation in Libya was very important and proposed that a woman should take up the job, adding that the Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, and Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, said reconciliation was their priority.

"Libya should have a full sovereignty status on its territory without any foreign presence." Kubis said, referring to stakeholders-backed mercenaries in Libya.