Judiciary police suspends work across Libya

Judiciary police suspends work across Libya

May 29, 2022 - 20:08
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Members of the judiciary police apparatus announced in a statement the suspension of work in all branches, calling on the Government of National Unity to provide food supplies and approve medical insurances for members of the apparatus.

The judiciary police strike includes, according to a statement published by Al-Zawiya branch, the cessation of visits to all reform and rehabilitation institutions, and the transportation of inmates to prosecutions and courts, with the exception of inmates whose imprisonment terms have ended.

The members also underscored what they described as the suffering experienced by all branches of the poor capabilities, which significantly affected the work of the apparatus in transporting inmates according to their court appearance dates due to unavailability of transportation vehicles.

The statement said the apparatus isn't able o provide the necessary healthcare for the inmates due to the severe shortage of medical supplies, as well as the lack of food supplies because of the insufficient financial coverage of costs of the supply companies. It said this could lead to stopping the supplies of these companies at any moment as a result of delayed payments of their dues.

Earlier on Sunday, local affairs employees demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister’s headquarters in a protest against the decision to transfer them from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Local Government after approving an increase in the salaries of the Ministry of Interior’s employees. Sources close to the government confirmed that the latter responded to the pressure and canceled the decision, which means that local affairs employees are considered employees in the Ministry of Interior in terms of financial status.