Haftar's militias plant landmine in a flower pot at a home south of Tripoli

Haftar's militias plant landmine in a flower pot at a home south of Tripoli

May 27, 2020 - 11:56
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Military engineering Unite has successfully managed to deactivate a land mine found in a flower pot in one of the houses in a neighborhood south of Tripoli.

Upon their defeat in Tripoli, Haftar's militias set up land mines in civilian areas, following in the footsteps of ISIS who planted improvised explosive devices in the city of Sirte in 2016.

On Monday, the media center of the Volcano of Rage Operation posted a video clip of members of the Military Engineering Unite while trying to deal with a land mine hidden in a flowerbed in the yard of a house.

Another mine unfortunately blew up, as the video shows traces of blood in the front yard of the same house.

The unit stressed that the demining operations are in full swing to ensure the safe return of citizens who are eager to settle back in their homes.

In the same context, a family lost two of its sons on Tuesday when a land mine exploded at their home in Mashrou Al-Hadhba district.

The family went to the neighborhood which was occupied by Haftar's militias to check out their home and belongings.

Meanwhile, another video was shared by social media, showing another family back at their farm on the outskirts of the capital when a land mine exploded. One person was killed and another wounded, while other members of the family were unable to provide any kind of help to the wounded as they discovered that the whole place was scattered with mines.

On May 23 Al-Jamal family lost their son Zakaria under the same conditions when checking their home in Salah al-Din area.

The Ministry of Interior had urged IDPs from Tripoli not to rush to return to their areas until receiving a green light from the military and security authorities.