Haftar's forces pick on Sudanese teachers in eastern Libya

Haftar's forces pick on Sudanese teachers in eastern Libya

April 26, 2017 - 23:21
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Sudan Today newspaper reported that 12 Sudanese university professes who were contracted by the Libyan universities via Sudanese Higher Education Ministry are now living in an ordeal after the Libyan Higher Education Ministry stopped paying their salaries and housing and living stipends since five months ago.

Using the headline "Haftar's gang persecutes Sudanese university professors in Libya," the newspaper said the Sudanese nationals' misery doubled up as they happened to be living in areas under the control of Khalifa Haftar's forces, who are harassing and vexing the professors constantly.

"We have come to Libya after signing contracts with 6 thousand dollars per month to work as teachers in maths, Arabic language, chemistry, Islamic studies and other subjects." The newspaper cited one of the professors as saying.

He also told the newspaper that their salaries have not been paid off for 5 months and their situation is now in great danger as they are being picked on by students, who are in fact fighters for Haftar's forces.

"Some professors managed to take their yearly leave and left eastern Libya." The newspaper added.