Haftar's drones carry out airstrikes on Libya's Misrata

Haftar's drones carry out airstrikes on Libya's Misrata

August 18, 2019 - 18:13
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Khalifa Haftar's drones carried out in the early hours of Sunday airstrikes on Air College of Misrata and the runway of Misrata Airport.

Haftar's general command said Sunday that it had carried out 11 airstrikes targeting air defenses at Misrata Air College.

Local media loyal to Haftar cited spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari as saying that the airstrikes hit facilities inside the Air College used for drones' takeoff, adding that Haftar's forces were being mobilized on the outskirts of Misrata for "retaking it."

Al-Mismari added that the airstrikes destroyed control rooms and other equipment for the drones in addition to missiles depots of those drones."

This was denied by Volcano of Rage Operation, which said the damage of the airstrikes was done to some buildings and runway of the airport.

Haftar's command said on Sunday, speaking to Misrata residents, that it doesn't want to target the city, but the city's stance against the "liberation of Tripoli operation by the Libyan National Army" made Misrata a legitimate target for the Air Force.

It also alluded to possible cessation of airstrikes on Misrata if the city became neutral and stopped backing up forces against Libyan National Army," in an attempt to have an influence by Haftar on the city's residents.

Media sources reported Saturday a high ranking official source as saying that Egypt had started pressing Misrata's military leaders to accept negotiations with Haftar to end Tripoli fighting.