Haftar places some of his forces under General Staff's command

Haftar places some of his forces under General Staff's command

July 26, 2020 - 20:24
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Khalifa Haftar has ordered the transfer of affiliation of some of his "military command units" to the General Staff of his forces under the leadership of Abdelrazik Al-Nathori.

The decision included Operation Dignity Major Room, all military zones, all security rooms, training directorate and others, as being under the command of Al-Nathori.

Haftar transferred at the beginning of Tripoli aggressing the command role of some brigades from his sons (Khalid and Saddam) to military officers and ordered last June the reformation of the main operations room of his militias and appointed new officers to be able to manage the battle changes.

Observers believe that this decision by Haftar is aimed at distancing himself from responsibility for any crimes committed by those brigades and units while they carried out the offensive on Tripoli or before.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court's Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said previously her office had sent a team to investigate mass graves in Tarhouna after being liberated from Haftar's forces by GNA forces.

Haftar is facing criminal charges in lawsuits in the US for war crimes in Tripoli and Benghazi, while many activists said they were making efforts to file lawsuits against him in different European countries.