Haftar militias spoil Al-Thani's vacation; prevent him from travelling for second time

Haftar militias spoil Al-Thani's vacation; prevent him from travelling for second time

September 21, 2015 - 22:10
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Abdullah Al-Thani was prevented from leaving Labrag Airport for the second time within a week

Haftar militias dragging Al-Thani out of the plane

In what seems to be house arrest, Prime Minister of Tobruk Government was prevented Monday from leaving the country for the second time in less than a week.

Abdullah Al-Thani boarded his plane at Labrag Airport and was about to leave for Egypt to pass Eid vacation when Khalifa Haftar militias, which control the airport, stopped his plane and dragged him out. No reasons were provided.

Division is growing between Al-Thanni and his allies from one side and rogue Gen. Khalifa Haftar from the other side.

Last Tuesday, Haftar's militias also prevented Al-Thani from flying to Malta to attend an oil conference. The militias wanted to arrest him but his guards managed to take him to a safe place out of the airport following a small exchange of fire.

Reports indicated that the militias prevented him from travelling to Malta in connection to Al-Thani's dismissal of his deputy for security affairs Al-Mihdi Allabad who enjoys good relations with Haftar's militias.

In May, Al-Thanni was also prevented from travelling to Tunisia from the same airport because he refused to appoint Haftar's ally Ahmed Baraka as an interior minister.

Labrag Airport has become notorious for security breaches.

In July, flights at the airport were suspended due to sabotage acts. An armed security man, named Faraj Shatata, vandalized the Passport Authority office at the airport after officers denied him a visa for a Syrian girl.

In a similar act, An Afriqiyah Airways captain was beaten black and blue because he did not allow one of the security guards' female relatives to take aboard a huge bag with her on the plane but to put it in the luggage store downside as per the regulations.