France's Parliament calls for probing Paris "suspicious" role in Libya

France's Parliament calls for probing Paris "suspicious" role in Libya

July 27, 2019 - 19:38
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The French Parliament has formed a committee to investigate the clandestine and suspicious role of France in Libya, citing the US-made French missiles that were found in Gharyan among Khalifa Haftar's forces military equipment.

The formation of the committee to investigate France's role in Libya before and during Tripoli offensive was based on a proposal of 17 Parliament Members on July 18.

"Diplomacy needs integration not double standards' rhetoric which makes France lose its credibility in the international circles." The French Parliament said.

It added in a statement that respecting democracy and defending French interests means respecting international commitments and transparency for the best interest of the French people.

The statement referred to the "ambiguous" role of the French convoy with weapons intercepted between Libya and Tunisia on April 14, 2019, saying the government's explanation that the convoy and arms were from the French embassy in Tripoli was not enough.

Javelin missiles bought by France and found in Gharyan with Haftar's forces raised many questions, including; "Did France violate UN arms ban on Libya?" According to the statement.

The French Parliament added that France's government response about the Javelin missiles being found in Libya was very unclear, saying France's secret presence in Libya has become public since the shooting down of French helicopter in Benghazi, where three frenchmen were killed in July 2016.


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