France allocates one million Euro in support of UNDP initiative for IDPs safe return

France allocates one million Euro in support of UNDP initiative for IDPs safe return

August 05, 2020 - 19:12
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

France has committed to contribute1 million Euro to support UNDP’s initiative aimed at helping the safe return of internally displaced persons in Greater Tripoli, according to the UNDP.

On Monday, the French Ambassador to Libya, Béatrice du Hellen signed an agreement in Tunisia, with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident Representative, in this regard, the UNDP confirmed in a statement Tuesday.

According to the statement, the initiative will be implemented by the Libyan Ministry of Interior for the demining and clearing of remnants of war and IEDs, planted by Haftar's militias in residential areas South of Tripoli.

"The Ministry of Interior will benefit from the delivery of equipment and vehicles and provision of training for the scientific police and civil protection unit in Tripoli to being able to carry out the clearing to allow IDPs return," UNDP explains.

Paris has long denied backing warlord Khalifa Haftar against the internationally recognized government based in Tripoli, however, major media outlets confirm that France has played a vital role in the rise of Haftar, by offering him a diplomatic cover, with some reports pointing fingers at Paris with respect to arming his militias.

In June 2019, anti-tank missiles belonging to France were found by the GNA forces in a camp south of the capital Tripoli, used by Haftar's militias. According to various sources, Paris has also provided these militias with advice, training, and information.

However, France now finds itself in a difficult position, following Haftar’s disastrous defeat in western Libya on the hands of the GNA forces. According to western media, some within the French foreign ministry and security apparatuses are beginning to pile pressure on their government to push back and reconsider its policy in Libya.