Foundation gathering for Libya's national reconciliation commission launched

Foundation gathering for Libya's national reconciliation commission launched

May 30, 2021 - 22:22
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The spokesperson of the Libyan Presidential Council, Najwa Waheba, announced launching a foundation gathering for the Libyan national reconciliation commission, saying it will be held from Monday to Wednesday.

In a presser Sunday, the spokesperson said the Presidential Council wanted to make the method of forming the national reconciliation commission horizontal: from the people upward.

She indicated that the first meeting on Monday will be for the legal gathering, adding that all Libyans would meet in an unprecedented momentum for a month to give their opinions about the formation of the national reconciliation commission, which will be tasked to carry out five gatherings from Monday to Wednesday and then complete the rest during June to finalize the components to be part of the national reconciliation commission.

The spokesperson said the whole process will end in a comprehensive conference that would provide vision and opinions to the Presidential Council to work on in forming the commission, adding that there are no specific criteria for the participation in the gatherings.

The spokesperson explained in a previous presser that the national reconciliation commission would be independent with an autonomous financial capability in order to work on achieving reconciliation, especially in the files of the internally displaced people or those forced to leave Libya.