Eastern military governor bans Libyan men and women from traveling without security permit

Eastern military governor bans Libyan men and women from traveling without security permit

February 23, 2017 - 18:52
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

After banning women, now Al-Nathori makes up his mind to ban men and women (18-45) from traveling unless they undergo security vetting. 

The Libyan eastern military governor, Abdulraziq Al-Nathori, has issued a new controversial order banning Libyan men and women, between the ages of 18 and 45, from traveling abroad without obtaining a prior security permit from the security authorities in eastern Libya.

This new disputable decision by Al-Nathoir comes less than a week after he issued a ban on Libyan women under 60 years old disallowing them from traveling abroad solo.

The new form of the ban comes also one day after Al-Nathori ordered the freezing of the women travel ban after a wave of angry criticism from Libyan political and social activists and from international human rights agencies.

“This ban on Libyan men and women is a regulation-intended procedure that aims at combating the overseas threats that are perilous to Libya’s national security.” The text of the newly issued ban says.

It added that this age group, men and women, have brought much negativity into the country every time they travel abroad, pointing out that forcing them to obtain a security permit before they travel anywhere will protect them from joining terror groups.

“The new ban has nothing to do with undermining personal freedom.” Al-Nathori wrote in his new ban on Libyan males and females.  

“Military intelligence department will be tasked to issue security permit for the military and army individuals wishing to travel abroad, while the general intelligence department will issue security permits for the social societies and the general investigation bureau will issue security permits for individuals working at the state institutions.” The ban explains.    

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