Derna Shura Council denies links to Al-Qaida, says IS wants safe passage to Sirte

Derna Shura Council denies links to Al-Qaida, says IS wants safe passage to Sirte

January 03, 2016 - 11:05
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Senior Shura Council commander Saad Al-Tayra

Derna Shura Council has denied pro-Dignity Operation media claims that the council is one of Al-Qaida affiliates.

"To those who claim that Abu Salim Brigade or Derna Shura Council are part of Al-Qaida, I tell you that Al-Qaida memebrs in any place in the world do not hide their identity, they claim their acts with Al-Qaida name, Frankly speaking, we are conservatives." Saad Al-Tayra, a senior Shura Council commander said.

Al-Tayra said situations in the city are getting better as the war against the remnants of IS fighters rages in Al-Fatayah mountains.

Al-Tayra declared that once the war against IS in the city finishes, Derna Shura Council fighters will move to Sirte to liberate it from IS.

"We will pursue them everywhere; we will make Libya free of those dirty people." He promised.

Al-Tayra revealed that the remnants of IS fighters in Al-Fatayah had asked the Shura Council for their safety in order to leave the city and go to Sirte, but their request was refused.

"They asked us to give them a safe passage to Sirte, but no, we would better all die here and those criminals do not go to our people in Sirte." He said.

In June 2015, IS militants were forced out of the city by fighters of the Shura Council in less than a week of clashes.

Before the defeat of IS in Derna, pro-Dignity Operation news outlets used to classify the Shura Council of Derna as an IS affiliate. Shortly after the June victory over IS, the classification has been changed as an Al-Qaida affiliate.