Brega Company dismisses Al-Hajrasi and to abolish Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee

Brega Company dismisses Al-Hajrasi and to abolish Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee

August 13, 2018 - 10:37
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Director of Brega Oil Marketing Company Emad Bin Koura issued an order Sunday to dismiss the head of the Distribution of Fuel and Gas Follow-up Office, Milad Al-Hajrasi.

According to sources, the decision referred to the disbanding of the office headed by Milad Al-Hajrasi and to transfer its employees to other departments of the company, noting that the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee emanating from the Follow-up Office of the Brega Marketing Company is awaiting a decision to be abolished during this week.

The decision sparked mixed reactions on social media, where most of the bloggers criticized the decision and accused those who issued it of supporting smuggling of fuel, saying that the decision was taken under pressure from some officials involved in fuel smuggling operations.

However, others expressed their satisfaction with the decision and accused the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee and its chairman of overpraising their work and trying to appear as heroes, insisting that the committee and its president are exaggerating their accomplishments on media and inciting public opinion, in addition, they accused them of trying to exploit current events for personal gains.

Al-Hajrasi has earlier in a statement to the Information Office of the Presidential Council a major breakthrough in the fuel crisis in the western region after the efforts of the committee and other relevant authorities in limiting the smuggling operations.