Al-Sarraj visits Rome to discuss Libya's conflict

Al-Sarraj visits Rome to discuss Libya's conflict

September 17, 2019 - 19:22
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj is visiting Italy's capital, Rome, on Wednesday to discuss the latest developments of the Libyan crisis with the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Italian sources said Conte and Al-Sarraj are going to talk about the conflict in Libya and the international efforts to find a solution for it.

In last May, Al-Sarraj met with Conte and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as the French President Emmanuel Macron to gather international support against the war waged by Khalifa Haftar's forces on Tripoli.

He then called on European countries to provide more positive stances regarding the war in Tripoli instead of their "hesitations".

Macron is going to visit Rome on the same day Al-Sarraj arrives in order to discuss preparations for the international conference on Libya, which will be hosted by Germany with support from the US.

Sources said that a trio meeting for Al-Sarraj, Macron and Conte could take place Wednesday in Rome.

The international conference in Berlin would be advocating for a ceasefire before talking about a permanent political solution in the country.