Al-Mishri calls on Parliament to set a date for elections

Al-Mishri calls on Parliament to set a date for elections

February 06, 2022 - 23:40
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The High Council of State (HCS) Head Khaled Al-Mishri has called on Parliament to join consensus on a "clear roadmap" on its session on Monday, stressing that the constitutional course comes first before the executive track.

Al-Mishri told a press conference Sunday that the HCS found a response from the House of Representatives and began efforts to restore the confidence between the two Houses that was "completely missing."

He said they wanted to make sure they had solutions to the crisis before opening up to the public, and that is why the meetings they had in Morocco were convened away from the media.

"We hope that the trust we have built will not be lost and that the next session of Parliament, on Monday, will adopt a roadmap that specifically clarifies the date of the elections."

He added that the HCS insisted on the necessity of adopting a clear roadmap before going on the path of changing the executive authority.

The roadmap if passed by Parliament, will mark the launching of the two tracks, says Al-Mishri, including the referendum on the constitution or the amendment of the constitutional rule, coinciding with the executive authority path and the fate of the government.

He warned that in the event the Parliament chooses to go ahead with changing the executive authority unilaterally, "this path will be born dead" because past experiences have shown that no one side can prevail over the other, according to his statement.

Al-Mishri referred to the visit of the HCS delegation to Tobruk that was scheduled for Sunday, saying it was postponed until receiving a positive response from Parliament.

"The rapprochement between the HCS and Parliament was welcomed by Morocco, which expressed its willingness to host more meetings," Al-Mishri says, who expressed his optimism about the outcomes of the parliament session on Monday.

"We are going to a consensus that will result in a referendum on the constitution or the formation of a committee to review and approve some articles before proceeding on the executive authority track.”