Al-Aman human rights organization accuses HoR of racism

Al-Aman human rights organization accuses HoR of racism

February 08, 2016 - 18:05
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The anti-racial discrimination  Al-Aman Organization that is part of Toubou Minority in Libya has condemn the HoR and the High National Election Commission's appointment of members in the HoR instead of the already elected ones, and considered it illegal, and shouldered them both the responsibility for any consequences of their racial actions.

Al-Aman Organization issued a statement denouncing the HoR and HNEC attempts to bring the Libyans back to dictatorship after they have gained their freedom, as they ignored the laws that oblige them to pick MPs through elections, and adopted appointment and tribal recommendation.

“This act is a discrimination against Toubou tribes as the HoR appointed new MPs in place of the elected ones.” Al-Aman’s statement reads.

Meanwhile, the Elections Commission branch Al-Bayda city has appointed members for Al-Kufra city instead of the elected ones based on what it descried as social consensus of the city’s components.