49 lawmakers demand amendment of election laws

49 lawmakers demand amendment of election laws

November 10, 2021 - 13:45
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A group of 49 members of the House of Representatives - including First Deputy Speaker Fawzi al-Nuwairi - affirmed their position that presidential elections must be held under an agreed-upon constitutional basis, calling for a review of the presidential and legislative electoral laws.

The deputies issued a statement Tuesday warning against the consequences of obstructing the elections and voiced their support for holding the polls as scheduled on 24 December.

In their statement, they demanded, "the elections be held on a constitutional basis as stipulated in the UN-backed road map that it must be negotiated and agree upon as a package, not in a selective manner."

"Holding the presidential elections without a constitution or a constitutional basis would be a dictatorship project regardless of the results," the statement read.

The deputies underlined that reviewing the voting laws does not mean rejecting the principle of elections. They also voiced their rejection of "the interference of the High Electoral National Commission head" by changing or amending any of the relevant laws.

They considered the HNEC head's actions biased and undermine the reconciliation efforts achieved by the political dialogue forum.

At the conclusion of their statement, the deputies warned the Libyans and those who want the elections to go ahead under any form and without the minimum determinants of success that they are "under the influence of misleading media campaigns led by the intelligence of foreign countries that are interfering negatively in Libya."