Sonelgaz provides electricity to Libya during 2021 summer

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Sonelgaz provides electricity to Libya during 2021 summer

June 17, 2021 - 21:22
Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

The General Manager of Algerian Sonelgaz, Chaher Boulakhras, confirmed in a visit to the Libyan General Electricity Company in Tripoli that they would provide electric power to Libya during 2021 summer.

Boulakhras said his visit to Libya came to discuss the agreements signed with Algeria to boost cooperation in electricity and implement the first phase of the agreements signed at the Libyan-Algerian Economic Forum, saying the phase includes renting mobile gas turbines to Libya as soon as possible and providing electricity (180 to 200 megawatts) via the Tunisia network in addition to direct power provision between Libya and Algeria.

Boulakhras reiterated Algeria's commitment via Sonelgaz to supporting Libya, saying it has the experience to build a cooperation based on win-win grounds with Libya.

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