Kidnapped Indian hostages released in Libya

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Kidnapped Indian hostages released in Libya

October 12, 2020 - 22:55
Written by: RabiaGolden

The authorities in eastern Libya announced the release of several Indian hostages, who were kidnapped by a criminal gang in the area of Shwerf.

The authorities indicated that the hostages arrived safely at the Oil Crescent Security Directorate in Brega last night, following negotiations with their captors which were successful.

They confirmed that the number of hostages was seven, all of whom were engineers and technicians working for the Libyan Oil Services Company and were kidnapped on September 14, whilst simply passing through that area.

Upon their arrival in Brega, a top official from the Indian Embassy in Libya received and greeted them, along with the leaders of the Oil Crescent Security Directorate, congratulating them on their release and safe return.