HoR dismisses parallel CBL chief Al-Hibri

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HoR dismisses parallel CBL chief Al-Hibri

November 23, 2022 - 12:50
Written by: SafaAlharathy

The House of Representatives (HoR) has dismissed the chief of the parallel Central Bank of Libya, Ali Al-Hibri, during an official session at the Parliament's original HQ in Benghazi.

Al-Hibri was fired from the helm of the parallel CBL and the Benghazi and Derna stability committees in a session headed by the HoR First Deputy Speaker, Fawzi Al-Nuwairi, spokesman for the House of Representatives, Abdullah Blehaq said on Facebook Tuesday.

The Audit Bureau will review and examine all financial and administrative transactions of the Benghazi and Derna stabilization committees since their establishment until now," Blehaq wrote.

He said the Public Prosecutor and law enforcement officials will take legal measures regarding suspected violations in the work of these committees and initiate preliminary investigation procedures into the alleged infringement.