Shakshak: Localizing treatment at home, a goal that must be achieved soon

Shakshak: Localizing treatment at home, a goal that must be achieved soon

July 04, 2022 - 23:31
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Head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, has stated that localization of treatment at home is the goal to which all efforts must be geared to achieve, as soon as possible. He pointed out that "sending for treatment abroad should not be a goal in itself and go indefinitely."

This came during his meeting with the general directors of the Authority for Support and Development of Treatment Services, the National Heart Center in Tajoura and the Eye Hospital, in addition to the head of the Radiotherapy Department at the Tripoli Medical Center.

Shakshak stressed the importance of bearing responsibility in dispatching patients without mediation or favoritism, pointing out that this requires adherence to a clear and specific strategic plan that leads to the transfer of knowledge in terms of health management or provision of the treatment itself.

The meeting concluded with the need to adhere to setting controls for issuing Treatment Abroad Recommendations, and limiting what he described as excessive use of such recommendations, in addition to preparing a standard list that includes conditions and criteria for cases that require treatment abroad.

The meeting also stressed that reliance on treatment abroad be in accordance with the electronic system and through specialized and relevant centers, which are the same ones that would follow up and keep acquainted of the cases sent abroad for treatment.