Shakshak discusses the return of Turkish companies to Libya

Shakshak discusses the return of Turkish companies to Libya

August 22, 2020 - 23:11
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Libya's Audit Bureau head, Khaled Shakshak, arrived Friday in Istanbul to discuss the suspended Turkish projects in Libya.

The talks attended by Libya's Minister of Finance, Faraj Abu Matari, and Consul General in Turkey, Fathi Al-Sharif, reviewed the obstacles to the return of Turkish companies and ways to get them back functioning as soon as possible.

The Audit Bureau described the meetings as positive, after Turkish partners showed their willingness to return to Libya and complete the stalled projects, provided clearing up pending issues between Turkish firms and Libyan employers.

Turkish "ENKA" discussed its prior receivables with the GECOL and signed an agreement to complete work on several projects, top of which, the West Tripoli Station, Misurata Station, and the Ubari Station.

In this context, Turkish Çalik Energy firm has also expressed its readiness to work in Libya, after resolving ongoing issues with the GECOL.

The company will commence work on the East Tripoli project and complete the maintenance of the Al-Khums plant, which has been out of service for two years, according to the Audit Bureau information office.

Moreover, the AKSA Power Generation Company expressed its desire to contribute to the developing process in Libya, stressing it is poised to implement projects that would help meet Libya’s needs.

For his part, Shakshak stressed that priority would be given to those who supported Libya during these difficult times, noting that at present, the Audit Bureau will only grant approvals to companies that have agreed to work in Libya during these challenging times.