Egyptian Petrojet resumes operations in Libya

Egyptian Petrojet resumes operations in Libya

June 28, 2022 - 16:03
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Egyptian Petrojet Company will resume its operations in Libya after an absence of 11 years, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirmed on Monday. 

A statement by the NOC said that Mustafa Sanalla, the NOC's Head, discussed the issue with the head of Egypt's Petrojet Petroleum Company, Walid Lutfi, in a virtual meeting on Monday.

"The corporation is determined to exploit the vast potential enjoyed by the Libyan oil sector and looks forward to seeing the Egyptian company be part of implementing major projects in this area," Sanalla was quoted by the NOC as saying.

He briefed the Egyptian side on the projects the corporation seeks to implement despite the lack of funding and the closure of several oil sites.

The NOC's developing plan includes the maintenance of Brega warehouses, dilapidated infrastructure, and destroyed fields.

In addition, Petrojet's offer involved maintaining gas lines and port infrastructure and rehabilitating closed fields and refineries to help the NOC upgrade its operations and boost production.

Petrojet's officials confirmed that they would reopen their HQ in Libya and follow up on the development projects, mainly the South Refinery project, hoping they would have the opportunity to participate in its implementation.

They also emphasized their readiness to implement the projects agreed upon and expressed their desire to harness their capabilities and expertise to accomplish additional joint programms in the future.