Brega oil company blames distribution firms for crowdedness at gas stations

Brega oil company blames distribution firms for crowdedness at gas stations

December 02, 2018 - 17:33
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Brega oil marketing company has held distribution companies accountable for the crowdedness at gas stations, saying this indicates that the firms aren't doing their jobs properly.

The company said on Facebook that the distributors hadn't abided by the simplest standards that should be present at the filling stations including power generators to avoid electricity outages.

"The target of not doing their jobs properly is a message the firms want to convey; namely: there is no gasoline at Brega company." The company explained on Facebook.

The oil firm assured Libyans that it has stored quantities of gasoline that suits the capacity of its depots, adding that Anwar Libya tanker is at Tripoli port laden with about 32 million liters of gasoline, which will automatically be distributed to all filing stations.

"There's no need for crowdedness at the gas stations so that those who are spreading rumors can be weakened in their strife for sending false images about the capital." The company said.

For days, Tripoli and other western cities have been seeing crowdedness at the filling stations with the advent of winter cold and load shedding hours of power. This was coupled by rumors surrounding the shutdown of oil terminals over bad weather.

Brega has also been involved in legal disputes with distribution companies accusing them of making up gasoline crisis to create chaos.