Benghazi wakes up to new crime

Benghazi wakes up to new crime

January 26, 2018 - 19:48
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

10 unidentified bodies with signs of torture and gunshots found in Benghazi on Friday, local sources reported.

The sources clarified that 5 bodies were found dumped in a landfill in Laithi district while the 5 others were found tossed on Al-Nahir Road.

Papers written on them names of the victims and “Khawarij” were found on the bodies. Khawarij is a term frequently used by Dignity Operation camp to describe ISIS members, political opponents, Muslim brotherhood, and other Islamist groups alike.   

Local residents from Laithi claimed that 5 of the victims were arrested by masked gunmen on Thursday after being arrested and then released a year ago for charges related to alleged support to “terror group.”

The new atrocity comes just 2 days after the of 10 captives by Benghazi butcher Mahmoud Werfalli.

Killing and throwing of bodies in the streets of the war-ravaged city is not new. Some activists have started calling it “the city of death.”

On Wednesday, two unidentified bodies were found in a waste dump in Ard Sollabi district of with visible gunshots.


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