Misrata Municipality denounces Tunisian prank show

Misrata Municipality denounces Tunisian prank show

June 24, 2015 - 12:42
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Misrata Municipality denounced on Tuesday an offending Tunisian prank TV show saying it implies, in a demeaning and cynical manner, that Misrata had adopted both terrorist acts and the terrorists themselves.

Tunisia's 9TV aired on the first day of Ramadan "El-Tayara" prank which showed a Tunisian aircraft in an upset condition, later managed to perform an emergency landing at Misrata airport while showing the airport as if it is controlled by terrorists to frighten the passengers.

In a statement, Misrata Municipality indicated that such shows would have a negative effect on the mutual relations between Libya and Tunisia, thus rejecting the abusive behavior of those Tunisian shows, which are trying to make a catchy propaganda for their wrong doings.

The statement stressed that it will preserve the legal right to sue the ones accountable from the TV prank producers and called on the Libyan political authorities as well as the Libyan media to react to those offences, urging the Tunisian government and media not to intervene in the Libyan domestic affairs and to adopt neutrality toward the Libyan crisis.

In the meantime, a Tunisian delegation of businesspersons, media figures, and political activists, arrived in Tripoli on Tuesday to extend an apology to the Libyan people for the falsifications adopted by the Tunisian media.