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Al-Bakoush expects arrival of Coronavirus vaccine early next year

The Head of the Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic, Khalifa Al-Bakoush, said that approximately two million doses of the agreed upon Coronavirus vaccine are expected to arrive from the COV

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Interior minister holds discussions with Tunisian ambassador to facilitate movement at Ras Ajdir crossing

The Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha reviewed during discussions with the Tunisian ambassador to Libya, Al-Assad Al-Ajili, the problems presently occurring at the Ras Jedir border crossing and methods to solve them along wit

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Tunisia to keep borders with Libya and Algeria open, under any and all circumstances

The Tunisian Prime Minister, Hicham Al-Mechichi, promised to keep the borders with Libya and Algeria open, regardless of the circumstances.

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HNEC declares commitment to conduct 2021 elections

The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) has confirmed its commitment to the awarding decision issued by the Presidential Council (PC), to allocate a financial budget covering the costs of implementing the presidential and

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Marine survey to begin in the ports of Tripoli and Zuwara

The Libyan Ports Company announced on Sunday the arrival of the marine survey ship ‘Al-Irada 4’ to the port of Tripoli in order to carry out marine survey work in the port.

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Turkish Defense Ministry: We have trained 2,301 soldiers in Libya

A Spokeswoman for the Turkish Defense Ministry, Pinar Kara, announced on Sunday that her country’s military has completed the training of 2,301 Libyan soldiers, whilst training 264 further soldiers presently.

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Director of Tripoli University Hospital to stand trial on charges of negligence of duty

The Investigation Department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, on Sunday, referred the Director of Tripoli University Hospital to the Souq Al-Jumaa Court on charges of negligence in performance of his duty.

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