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Ministry of Education launches vaccination campaign against Coronavirus

The Minister of Education announced on Sunday the launch of the vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus pandemic for the education sector, with the Minister of Education, Musa Al-Maqrif being the first recipient o

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Italy: The situation in Libya is complex with the increasing influence of foreign players

The Italian Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini said that the present Libyan situation is at a high level of complexity, due to the increasing influence of foreign parties, as he put it.

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Finance Minister: Libya is expected to produce two million barrels of oil per day by end of 2022 depending on budget

The Minister of Finance, Khalid Al-Mabrouk predicted that Libya’s oil production is expected to rise to two million barrels daily by the end of 2022, providing the National Oil Corporation (NOC) was granted the 1.1 bil

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Italian medical delegation due to visit Libya to assess various forms of cooperation

The head of the Italian GKSD Investment Holding, Kamel Al-Gharibi, concurred with the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, to send a medical delegation shortly to Libya to eval

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Petrofac signs 100 million euro contract in Libya

Petrofac Limited, a British provider of oilfield services to the international oil and gas industry, stated on Friday that it had signed a 100-million-euro contract with Zallaf Libya, for the exploration and production

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Jaziri: Tunisia’s border closure decision with Libya affects numerous institutions

The Head of the Tunisian-African Business Council, Anis Jaziri, reaffirmed that the closure of the border with Libya by way of a Tunisian decision has negatively affected hundreds of economic institutions on both sides

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EU calls for ‘serious-mindedness’ in holding those responsible for Tripoli clashes to account

The European Union Mission in Libya expressed its concern about the highly volatile armed clashes, which took place south of Tripoli in the area of Salah Al-Din, calling on the involved parties to abide by the ceasefir

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