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Dutch court rejects lawsuit by POSH to seize bank accounts of Mellitah Oil and Gas Company

Mellitah Oil and Gas Company announced on Sunday, that an Amsterdam court in Holland, made a ruling on Thursday last, invalidating a lawsuit brought by the Pacific Offshore Holdings Company (POSH) against them in an attempt to s

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UNICEF signs agreement to conduct eye tests for schoolchildren

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has signed an agreement with the Tripoli Optics Company to conduct comprehensive eye tests for schoolchildren.

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Souq Al-Jum’aa district suspend studies in schools near Mitiga Airport

The Education Inspectorate in the district of Souq Al-Jum’aa, east of Tripoli, announced suspension of studies in a number of schools in the Sharfat Milaha area and the surrounding neighborhoods of Mitiga International Airport,

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Italy prepared to cooperate and protect Libya against Coronavirus

Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Boccino confirmed that Italy is ready to coordinate with Libya in tackling Coronavirus.

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Chadian citizen arrested for recruiting mercenaries to fight with Haftar

A commander in the Sirte Liberation Force, Abdel Hamid Bouziane, confirmed that his forces have arrested a Chadian individual in the Qadahiya area, west of Sirte.

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Italy condemns, in no uncertain terms, the recent attack on Tripoli

The Italian Embassy strongly condemned the ongoing attacks on civilian targets adjacent to Mitiga International Airport and other residential neighborhoods in Tripoli.

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Guiterres vehemently condemns, in the strongest terms, the indiscriminate bombing of Tripoli

The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, on Saturday, severely condemned the indiscriminate bombing of many areas around Tripoli which occurred on Friday.

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