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NCDC supports Misrata branch with PCR Bio-Rad rapid testing kit

An official at the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Misrata branch, announced that it had received a PCR Bio-Rad rapid testing device from the administration of the NCDC in Tripoli.

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Normal rate of water flow returns to Tripoli

The Man Made River Authority (MMR) announced on Sunday in a statement, that it had completed work to replace the valve which had not been functional at Al Shweref Station, since April 23.

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GECOL: Destruction of five high voltage lines due to a careless fire

The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) has lost feed to a line connected to the Janzour Power Plant and another in the Krimiya district, due to the careless setting of a fire on Friday evening.

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Western and central regions are military operations zones, Volcano of Rage command reiterates

The Volcano of Rage Operations Room has renewed its declaration of the western and central regions as military operations zones, prohibiting all military and paramilitary movement, also the driving of fuel tankers or c

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Second phase of testing stranded Libyans in Sfax begins

The Libyan Consulate in Sfax has announced that it would be starting medical testing for the Coronavirus on Monday, to initiate the second phase of quarantine procedures, in the case of stranded Libyan citizens.

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PC extends the ban on civil aviation

The Head of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, in a letter to the Minister of Transport, Milad Maatuq, announced an extension of the ban on civil aviation at all Libyan airports, for a further 15 days.

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Tunisia announces the launch of a commercial line linking Sfax and Tripoli ports

The Tunisian Ministry of Transport announced the launch of a new shipping line between Sfax and Tripoli ports, subsequent to a shipment being loaded in Sfax, with 300 containers, heading for Tripoli Port.

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