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Issue 44, Week 45

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Bridging Indonesia-Libya entreprises contacts; supporting creative economy

The pandemic of Covid-19 has shaken the world economy into malaise situation. The developed world economy had contracted until – 4, 3% (2020).

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Kashmir Solidarity Day 2021

Before the partition of Pakistan and India in August 1947, it was agreed in the partition plan that the Majority of Hindu areas were to form India and Muslim States of Western provinces and east Bengal were to constitute Pakista

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LPDF selects Libya’s new Presidential Council and Prime Minister

Mohammad Menfi has become the new head of the Presidential Council of Libya.

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Appreciating new Libya book centre and sharing Indonesian experiences on memory of the world

Being optimistic is a cure for all humankind. It will lead people to think positively and create conducive environment toward the existing quality of people and environment. Optimistic is in line with patience.

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Issue 43, Week 44

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The decline of Gulf role in Libyan crisis

The Gulf reconciliation is the most prominent event at the regional level this month, after a boycott and blockade of Qatar by the Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt since June 2017, relations between Riyadh and Doha and

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